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  About  the  Musicians  


The musicians I perform with are Toronto's best jazz players.


Because these musicians are in demand, not everyone might be available for bookings, so I have a selection of my favourite players from whom I call depending on the project.  Here are a selection of the musicians with whom I have performed: 



Alan Cohen

Anthony Pannacci​

Brad Lovatt

Brian Wray

Brigham Phillips

Danny McErlain

Graham Howes

Jack Gelbloom

Lou Pomanti

Mark Eisenman

Mark Keiswetter 

Steve Amirault

Wayne Kelso


Brendan Davis

Eric Soostar

Jack McFadden

Jimmy Amaro

Jordan O'Connor

Kieran Overs

Pat Collins

Peter Telford

Rosemary Galloway

Russ Boswell

Scott Alexander

Will Jarvis


Jim Casson

Kevin Dempsey​

Lorne Nehring

Mark Kelso

Paul DeLong

Steve Heathcote

Barry Romberg

Neil LaFortune


Brian Legere

Ted Quinlan

Kenny Simon

Kim Ratcliffe

Lou Bartolomucci

Mike Allen

Phil Disera

Richard Smyth

Tony Quarrington

Joey Goldstein


Bob DeAngelis

Christopher Plock

Harry Timmerman

John MacMurchy

Kirk MacDonald

Phil Poppa

Tom Skublics

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