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Show Formats, Artist Requirements
Show Formats, Artist Requirements
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The following information about your event would be helpful so

we can send you a proposal for a show to make your event a success! 

This information is optional, but we will need some idea of what you're looking for.

 Information includes: 









Branson - Dick Clark American Bandstand Theater for Legends in Concert. Photo by Rick Allen



  • Loading area / door

  • Time of sound check / mini-rehearsal

  • Time the doors open

  • Ensure edges of stage are safe & easy to see, marked with white tape

  • Meet & greet for 20 mins after show included

  • Performer needs one hour after show for pack-up


A consultation is usually done by phone or Skype. 

During the consultation: 

We recap times, dates, logistics, special requests and other details. If you're not sure what kind of show would work best, Kathy will  recommend a theme and find the perfect list of songs to compliment your event with a great show. We will also discuss musicians and how many are recommended.


If you are booking my services without using an agent, that is perfectly fine. There is no law that says you have to book my services through any third party; you are welcome to book me direct. I will prepare our agreement outlining all details to your satisfaction, so that the live musical performance (and / or background music) will run smoothly throughout your event. We need to have details outlined in writing prior to the occasion.


Advertising is an essential part of the process! Moreso for public shows than corporate events. 


Kathy Thompson is not Bette Midler, and does not claim to be. In order to avoid confusion or misrepresentation, it is important that on any advertising (whether print, media or digital) - it must be stated that this is a TRIBUTE act / performance and Kathy is performing AS (the character of) Bette Midler.


I would be happy to create a flyer or e-poster for you to advertise your event. Let me know if you need high res promotional photos. Kathy (and others who are contracted) will be at your disposal for radio promotion, television interviews, etc. Details outlined in the agreeement.

*NOTE: Please let me approve the promotional picture  you will use on advertising so that it looks good for your customers, audience or patrons! 

 Show  Formats

Let Kathy recommend the appropriate show and instrumentation for your event.




1 hour Show           Set #1:             60 minutes                             

 2 hour Show          Set #1:              50 minutes

                                  Intermission:  20 minutes

                                  Set #2:             50 minutes






  •  15 minute set

  •  20 minute set, or

  •  25 minute set





Piano + 2 back-up vocalists


Piano, Bass, Drums


Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar


Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar

          + 2 back-up vocalists


Rhythm Section + 3 horns

         + 2 back-up vocalists



This is a rough guideline. 

Dressing Room:

Secure and clean with mirror, 2 tables, running water, clothing rack or hooks for costumes.




Artist requires 1.5 hours right before show for make-up and costuming.




Some form of food is required if artist is on-site for more than 5 hours. Nothing fancy or fussy, just small, simple and healthy if possible.

Privacy  Policy and   Terms of   Use  is a website for entertainment, informational and promotional purposes only.

Kathy Thompson is NOT making any claims to be Bette Midler. Kathy is a performer who portrays the character of Bette Midler in honour and tribute.  In addition, any other person mentioned or shown on this website is also an IMPERSONATOR / TRIBUTE ARTIST and make no claims to be the actual celebrity.


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