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Booking  Information

Kathy has been booking her band and musicians for over three decades. 

This page which answers many FAQ's.

Kathy Thompson,

Leader, Vocalist & Contractor of RSVP Jazz.


Kathy will supply you with an agreement outlining details of the booking, including date, time, arrival for equipment set-up, terms, special requests, technical requirements and so forth.


You can book Kathy and her musicians directly without going through an agent or agency. Be advised that independent agnets or agencies mark up the cost of my services anywhere from 10% to 50%.




If you have a talent agent or agency you prefer to use, you are welcome to have them contact me to secure our services. A good agent deserves loyalty and is worth their weight in gold.




RSVP musicians are of the highest calibur in Toronto. Kathy runs her business according to a code of conduct that musicians adhere to. We ensure punctuality, we dress well, act in a professional manner and place customer service at the top of our list. We want YOU as our client to be 100% satisfied with our services.


Kathy has been a professional vocalist and a bandleader / contractor for many years. Please trust that she knows which songs to choose and when to play them. A professional like Kathy brings expertise to your function. We carry over 400 songs in our repertoire and are able to do just about any jazz request we might get.



Don't hesitate to ask Kathy for a quote for your function or establishment. Rates are reasonable. Kathy prepares a quote based on your budget and / or offers a variety of options and suggestions.




Anywhere. We can set up in any location. Places we have performed: On boats,  by swimming pools, in  malls, at convention centres, in banquet halls, in bars, in stadiums, in board rooms, at funerals, birthdays, on stairways, in foyers, lobbies and hallways. In presentation rooms and on beaches. for anniversaries, retirement parties, product launches, festivals and fair grounds, for weddings, bar mitzvahs and just about anything you can imagine. We've done it all! We can perform unplugged but I recommend that there be a power source.


Live dinner jazz or cocktail jazz are fantastic additions to any dining experience. There is something magical about the energy in the room when live music is being performed. It will enhance your customer's experience. It is not a "concert" setting and so our function is not to grandstand or monopolize anyone's attention. We provide ambiance, subtle energy and a warmt, tasteful backdrop for your patrons that they willl remember. We fill the silences in their conversation. We want them to return again, and tell others about the special time they had at your location experiencing live music which is all too rare in this digital age.



Kathy is happy to liaise with your event planner or the person in charge of organizing your event so you have the option not to be involved in the detail process. As a corporate person you are extremely busy and Kathy gets things done quiclkly and accurately.




Kathy has two sound systems - one large and one small. We have music stands , microphones, speakers, mixers, and professional lighting. 

- 4 piece rhythm
 -3 horns (trpt, sax, bone)
-1 vox (Kathy)
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