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 Some of  My Songs 

This is my first single from way back in 1988 !

It still gets airplay on Canadian radio stations at Christmas. I learned a lot about recording from Craig and Steve Vaughan in the sessions we did.

I wrote this country waltz in 1991 with a SOCIAL AWARENESS, of needing to tend our global environment, the wish to feed the world, and extending love and understanding in troubles times. It's about comforting someone who is very worried about the world.  This song won an award from the Scarborough Arts Council. It's not great production but it has good bones and can be updated to today's production standards. The vocalist is Neil Donnell, the current singer for Chicago.


1.) I married a girl with a heart made of gold,

      So tender and loving and strong,

      But sometimes she worries, and sometimes she cries,

      For things in this world that go wrong.


2.) Give her three wishes; I know what she’ll do,

      Beginning with ending all crime,

      She’d feed all the children, and teach them respect,

      For the world that‘s yours and mine.


All things take time and understanding (understanding)

But you can be sure

Someone hears every word when you pray – so I say -



Let me put your mind at ease tonight,

Let me put your mind at ease.

Darling just close your eyes and sleep tonight,

Let me put your mind ease.


3.) It isn’t a question of motherly love,

     There’s plenty of people who try,

     So here’s to the angels in heaven above,

     And the treasures that money can’t buy.



• Ad lib to fade over changes to chorus                             

                                                                        ©  K.M. Thompson 1991, 2019.

Songs on this page are ©K.M. Thompson.

Unauthorized duplication or use is prohibited.

I started writing this song in 2011 and finished in 2012. The recording studio engineer dumped all my tracks without asking me! So this is the only copy of the song I have. I desperately wanted to re-do my vocals and use this track for my CD. ©K.M. Thompson 2012, 2019. 

I found one of my older recordings from 1989 and am posting it just now! The words are a little corny and my vocal performance is a little "pristine" but if I'm any kind of songwriter, you might remember the chorus! LOL Craig Ruhnke (may he rest) was an amazing producer and truly had "radio ears". He made everything sound fantastic, such as his suggestion of the ride cymbal during Rick's great sax solo, or the whip crack. And Steve Vaughan is a fantastic engineer!

Here's a 1990's song I wrote ! The goal is that you might remember the chorus!  Again, Craig Ruhnke who produced some other songs for me, was a musical genius. As stated above,  he made everything sound fantastic,  And Steve Vaughan is a fantastic engineer! 

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